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Mark says: Awesome product! Holds scent for days! Can be thrown where you need it without spreading your own scent. 

Rex writes: ScentBallz worked for my brother. Great way to work a scrape. 

Randy says: Thanks for making one of the easiest to use and longest lasting scent delivery systems on the market today. This system really works!

Greg wrote: So, I figure this stuff really works! I have deer come every day to my food plot. This buck has never been here prior to putting out the ScentBallz. 

Eric writes: (After using all three ScentBallz products) The “dirt scent” was a big hit! The biggest plus to all of them, is the application. All of us liked the “pellet” type scents, as opposed to the liquid/gels that you get in the stores. It’s considerably easier to use AND you don’t end up w/ it all over your clothes/gear…which transfers to the inside of your vehicle.