Master Food Scent Bundle

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The Master Food Scent Bundle contains one of every Scentballz Scents Food Scents, plus a pack of Dispensers!

This bundle contains the following scents:

  • 4oz Wild Applez - Fresh Red Apples
  • 4oz Can O' Corn - Sweet Corn
  • 4oz Nuttz - Acorn
  • 4oz Pudd'n - Persimmon

Wild Applez scent is like having a whole bushel of apples in a 4 oz bottle. Our wild Applez scent is a favorite with all animals with a sweet tooth. Wild Applez will be a favorite with whitetail deer and wild pigs. Easy to use on the ground or in our Everscent scent dispenser.

Can O' Corn is a specially formulated sweet corn scent will drive all wildlife to look for that ear of corn. Whether you are hunting, trapping, or getting some pictures on your game camera. Can O' Corn will bring em' in looking for a meal. Sprinkle on the ground or use in one of our Everscent scent dispenser. This 4 oz bottle is easier to transport then that big bag of corn. 

Acorns are the most abundant natural food source in the wild. This scent will for sure bring in any big game animal straight to you. So, don't go hunting without it because the game will be going NUTTZ.

Persimmon Persimmons are like animal crack. These little bundles of nectar will fill the bellies of any and all wild game species. PUDD'N will definitely be your ace in the hole on your next hunt