Todd Lewis of Ozark Traditions TV reviews Scentballz Scents

Reviewed by Todd Lewis of Ozark Traditions TV

Being an avid whitetail hunter, I've tried everything from gimmick, gadget to good. I've been using Scentballz Scents for a month or so. It falls into the category as good. Bryan from Scentballz has a variety of scents for every season of the year. I've been using his apple scent. The deer seem to like the smell and aren't spooked by it. I use his dispenser and hang it from a tree limb. How natural is that. The aroma lasts several weeks and is easily refilled. If I want to move it, I simply close the tube and the scent stays fresh. When the acorns start falling, I'll be switching to the acorn scent. This is a scent. Not a food or mineral, so it's legal in most states.