2018 Scentballz Staff Spotlight - Jeromy Hagemier

My name is Jeromy Hagemier and I'm a husband and father to 6 awesome kids. I have a beautiful and understanding wife that lets me hunt and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Getting outdoors is an absolute addiction to me and I have a passion for chasing White-tailed deer. I own and operate a construction company and have been lucky enough to travel to different states for work in which I try and take full advantage of out of state hunting and fishing opportunities. I believe in working hard to play hard. If I'm not in the deer woods you can find me on a lake somewhere in a kayak or a muddy bank throwing big topwater baits in search of that next big bass. Whether it's hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, or just sitting outside on the front porch enjoying the sunset, I am truly addicted to the outdoors. 

When it comes to chasing big Whitetail bucks, I am always searching for new products or equipment to give me any kind of advantage that I can get. Deer are smart, but big mature bucks are even more cunning. I have tried every trick in the book to try and fool a mature buck's nose. What I have found are that some products on the scent market just do not work. There are a lot of gimmick products out there, but there are also some great products. 

When I first heard about Scentballz Scents, I was a bit skeptical, but I knew I had to try them and see what all the hype was about. I purchased my first few bottles of Scentballz from a little store in Morton, Indiana. I had heard and read about people having success with these little Scentballz. The farm I hunted was mostly crop fields with about 80 acres of woods and not a apple or fruit tree in sight. There was an older gentleman in the store in Morton that saw me pick up a bottle of She Ready. He told me that I needed to get a bottle of Wild Applez and put it out if I was running trail cameras. I asked him if he'd had any luck with the product and he had nothing but great things to say. I wasn't sure about Wild Applez, because there were no apple trees on the property. He said, "Doesn't matter and that I wouldn't be sorry for trying it." 

He was absolutely right. The deer were naturally attracted and curious to strong apple scent. Wild Applez worked awesome! The dispenser was easy to use and I was immediately impressed with the product. I used the Pay Dirt as a cover scent right away and had multiple big mature does all feeding down wind of my treestand and never once got busted. It was late in the season and the rut was dwindling down, but the dispenser I had out with She Ready in it had been hanging in a tree since the middle of firearms season. Even though it had been raining, snowing, and in freezing temps, the dispenser still full of She Ready was irresistible for this big bruiser buck still searching for love. I dropped him in his tracks with my muzzleloader during the first week of muzzleloader season. 

I wish I had bought Scentballz earlier in the season last year and had more time to experiment with them. I truly believe in this product. I can't wait to try out the PUDD'N, the new Persimmon scent, when I put cameras out this spring and She Ready and Buck Nuggets for the pre rut and rut during archery season. I always like to be tagged out before archery season is over and I believe this season that Scentballz will help me accomplish that.

Jeromy Hagemier's Big Indiana Muzzleloader White-tailed Deer Buck