2018 Scentballz Staff Spotlight - Chris Preston

What’s up guys?! My name is Chris Preston. I’ve been hunting for little over twenty years now, so you could say that I’m hooked on it. I started when I was nine years old and haven’t stopped since. Hunting Whitetail deer has been my passion throughout the years, but that hasn’t kept me from pursuing other game animals. It doesn't matter if I'm hunting deer, turkey, or coyote. You’ll always find me in the woods doing my part for conservation. I hunt mostly with a bow, but I still break the gun in every now and then. For the longest time, I wasn’t that big of a believer in scent attractants. I honestly just couldn’t find anything that was effective and would last without spending a fortune. When I came across Scentballz Scents, I was still kind of skeptical about it. But after using them a couple seasons, I am definitely a believer. Whether it’s using Pay Dirt for a cover scent or any of the food attractants to lure in a whitetail into bow range, these scents work and continue to pay off for me.

Chris Preston with two big whitetail bucks. Scentballz 2018 Staff Spotlight.