About Us

About ScentBallz 

ScentBallz allows you to use your scent today, tomorrow, and a week from now. If you are a weekend hunter at best, then this scent is perfect for you. Have you ever climbed to your honey hole wishing you had scent already there? Now you do. 

ScentBallz is moisture absorbing, which means rain, snow, and sleet will all help ScentBallz last longer. No more putting out scent for a shower to just wash it away along with your money. Let your scent work for you, don't work to put out your scent. 

ScentBallz is the easiest and cleanest way to use scent. You won't have to touch, spill, or mix this scent. At the end of the hunt, there will be no need to go back and pick up a can or wick. 

ScentBallz scents are 100% all natural and collected clean. ScentBallz is 100% biodegradable and safe for animals, people, and the environment.